Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

400 Acres of the Best Whitetail Deer Hunting Ground

October Archery Deer Hunt

We offer archery whitetail deer hunts in all months open in the state of Illinois, so that includes October, November, and December. We can accomodate any number of days for your hunting trip, but our accommodations are of limited availability. We have 400 acres of private hunting ground for you and your crew to hunt. Our October five (5) day deer hunt is $1,400/person. All prices include lodging in our private Mississippi riverside lodge.

November Archery Rut Hunt

November whitetail deer hunting in Calhoun County, Illinois is much better than Christmas for any avid hunter. The month of the rut and the biggest bucks are "on the prowl." Did you know more deer are harvested in Calhoun County, Illinois per square mile than any other county in Illinois? Our hunters say that our properties are "even better than Pike" and in many cases return year after year. If you want 400 acres of prime trophy whitetail deer hunting property at your disposal, contact us. Our November five (5) day Rut deer hunt is $1,800/person. All prices include lodging in our private Mississippi riverside lodge

Dec-Jan Archery Deer Hunt

Our December and January hunts can be just as fruitful as the rut in many cases. If the weather is mild in November often times the December hunts are more forgiving. The last few years we have seen some big bucks pulled from the woods in December and January! The price for our December and January whitetail archery deer hunts is $1,400/person.

Gun Deer Hunts

Our whitetail gun hunts consist of a three (3) day rut hunt the third week of November - $1,900/person, the four (4) day second season gun hunt in December - $1,600/person, and the muzzleloader hunt in December - $1,400/person. All deer hunts include accommodations in our private Mississippi riverside lodge and access to over 400 acres of prime real estate in the notorious deer hunting capital, Calhoun County, Illinois. I doesn't get any better than this!

What Our Hunters are Saying...

Calhoun County hunting is definitely worth the hype! I have been hunting in Pike County for years because I always thought that was where the best deer hunting was... That is until I moved a bit further south and hunted the Hansen's properties!"
deer-hunter-bill-smith Bill Smith Avid Hunter, South Dakota
My group and I have tried hunting with other outfitters only to be dissappointed by poor hunts, with too many hunters, and less than OK accomodations. Since hunting the Hansen's properties we have had great success and continue to come back year after year!"  
larosie_deer_hunt Jarret Larosie Bowhunter, New Jersey
My group and I have hunted all over the world doing TV shows and other outdoors video. We hunted the Hansen's properties and believe it is among the best whitetail hunting ground in North America!"
toggy-pace-hunting-trip Toggy Pace Hunting Enthusiast, Florida
Me and my crew really like to hunt the Hansen farms. They are good people and let us do our thing out there, unlike many other leases. Big bucks and good people, doesn't get much better!"
Andrew_Harp_Trophy_deer Andy Harp Trophy Buck Hunter, Alabama
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Our Properties

Mississippi River Lodge

250 Acre Plot, South Calhoun County This beautiful hunting ground lies right on the Mississippi River. With a variety of hills and hollers, about 40% of this ground is wooded, and the other 60% consist of grassland and crops. Whitetail deer thrive in this area because of the substantial food supply and surplus of water. [...]

Deer Hunt Pricing Information

Deer Hunt Pricing Information All prices below include lodging and tresspassing costs. They do not include food, guides, tags, licenses, or fines (in the event that buck under 130 gross score has been harvested). Our prices are set competitively although we have been told by many people that we have the best hunting grounds and [...]

General Rules & Regulations

General Rules and Regulations Each hunter will be responsible for their own hunting equipment including, weapons, stands, and other equipment that is needed in the hunt. Depending on the hunt and group that is hunting, it will be the hunter’s responsibility to stay within the boundaries set forth by Hansen Huntiing. It will be the [...]

Story of Big Deer Hunt


We founded Big Deer Hunt or about 10 years ago. Just until a year or so ago we called our hunting outfit Hansen Hunting, after my dad, and property owner, Terry Hansen. My name is Jordan Hansen, so Hansen Hunting made sense. We have always  enjoyed hunting the properties since we acquired them in [...]

Trophy Deer Hunts


At Big Deer Hunt, it is our goal that you have the trophy whitetail deer hunt of a lifetime. When you hunt one of our own private properties you will know that Calhoun County, Illinois is some of the finest whitetail deer hunting in North America. We are land owners that lease out our personal [...]

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